Google’s ‘deceptive’ account sign-up process targeted with GDPR complaints – TechCrunch

Consumer rights groups in Europe have filed a new series of privacy complaints against Google — accusing the advertising giant of deceptive design around the account creation process which they say steers users into agreeing to extensive and invasive processing of their data. The tech giant profiles account holders for ad targeting purposes — apparently … Read more

9 Ways to Retain Your Top-Performing Employees

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. I believe the pandemic and the time we spent working remotely contributed greatly to the increase in resignations. People were able to assess their work-life balance in a way never before possible. Additionally, assistance from the government — while needed in most cases — allowed for more … Read more

New Foods To Try This Summer From Thoughtful Brands

Small Town Cultures pickles. Small Town Cultures Small Town Cultures A family-based fermentation company located in upstate New York, bring simple, clean fermented foods to customers. Founder Cori Deans became chronically ill with Crohn’s, and she found respite in wild fermentation to heal her gut and diversify her gut biome. Now healthy and well, Deans … Read more

How To Establish Trust in Your Business Partnerships

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. When you see a successful company, it seems as though its success happened overnight — a Cinderella story, if you will. We all know that’s not reality. But the beautiful thing about building and running your own business (while extraordinarily challenging at times) is that it allows … Read more