Mercury restricted a number of accounts linked to African startups and didn’t exactly say why – TechCrunch

Yesterday, Mercurywhich describes itself as a bank for startups, restricted several accounts linked to African tech startups, TechCrunch has learned. The number of companies involved with this restriction is unknown. But several sources told TechCrunch that they range from a dozen to 30 — including well established YC-backed startups and newer upstarts. According to our … Read more

19 TikTok Content Ideas for Business

On the face of it, TikTok and small businesses do not seem like a match made in heaven. The popular video app is after all mostly about Gen Z users and their viral moments. Yet, for a small business owner creating a TikTok account is becoming as relevant as amplifying presence on other social media … Read more

A Member of the Silent Majority? 4 Best Politically Conservative ETFs

Usually, politics and stock picking doesn’t brew a pot of political turmoil to the same degree as budget negotiations in a joint session of Congress. However, some companies’ focus on wokeness and other social justice issues raise the ire of some conservatives. contributor/ – MarketBeat If you believe that companies should focus on profitability … Read more

Ivorian healthtech startup Susu has $1M to scale its family-centric insurance product across Africa – TechCrunch

More Africans now suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension than ever before. A growing population and lifestyle changes, especially around urbanization and food habits, are significant factors that contribute to this sharp rise. This isn’t an issue in developed markets, as healthcare systems change with the times to adequately provide healthcare when … Read more

The Startup Magazine Five Ways Higher Education Influences The Way We Do Business

Many factors impact business, but none come close to the influence of education. The business sector is a dynamic field that strongly focuses on consumer satisfaction, better marketing, and the latest tech trends. Image Source However, this is only possible when an organization has educated employees at its core. Your education plays a vital role … Read more

Everything You Wanted to Know About Dapps

In 2022, decentralized applications are heralded as a new digital economy of peer-to-peer services that dethrones centralized entities. The discussions about dApp popularity have been doing rounds, yet the surge is evident. Today, State of Dapps reports over 3900 decentralized applications with over 2.7 million unique active wallets. Compared to 200,000 UAWs in 2020, this … Read more

3 Ways to Play Surging Gold Prices

With Russian forces bearing down on Ukraine’s largest cities, gold prices are bearing down on $2,000 an ounce for the first time since they breached the milestone in August 2020. contributor/ – MarketBeat The impact of the Russia-Ukraine war has been widely felt across the capital markets including many commodities. Mounting sanctions imposed on … Read more

Source makes greenhouses smarter to secure the future of food supply – TechCrunch

Agtech startup today announced it harvested a $10 million investment to make greenhouses smarter. The founders have set their eyes on a horizon where, driven by climate change and a rapid increase in global food demand as population continues to increase, more crops are being forced indoors to secure greater crop yields. You wouldn’t … Read more