The Startup Magazine Business and Social Engineering: How to Protect Your Company from Attacks

Business and social engineering attacks are on the rise, and if your company isn’t prepared, you could be the next victim. These attacks are designed to exploit vulnerabilities in your company’s security system in order to steal sensitive data or money. In this article, we will discuss what business and social engineering attacks are, how … Read more

How IoT Applications and Facility Automation Solutions is Changing the Sports World

The more IoT and facility automation technologies improve, the more they help optimize athlete and fan experiences You’ve probably already heard of the different ways that building automation systems improve large-scale commercial buildings via IoT and other smart technologies. But, did you know that these applications are already being widely used to optimize the sports … Read more

What the Great Reimagination Means for the Future of Work

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The last two years have transformed the working world, causing many organizations across the globe to reimagine and redefine new norms and employment strategies. During the next 12 to 18 months, PwC reports that more than one in four (26%) executives plan to change their approach in … Read more

Three Salesforce AI pioneers launch Faros AI to bring order to engineering operations – TechCrunch

When the three founders of Faros AI were working at Salesforcethey helped develop the company’s artificial intelligence, known as Einstein. While the goal of Einstein was to help companies become more data-driventhe engineering team building it experienced the same pain of tracking engineering operations data as any other company. Faros AI CEO and co-founder Vitaly … Read more

26 Wellness Wednesday Ideas and Activities

Companies that support employee wellness tend to have happier, more engaged teams. Wellness Wednesday is a weekly reminder to help your workers live a healthier lifestyle. There are a variety of ways to keep your team engaged with healthy activities; Here are a few Wellness Wednesday ideas. 1. Plan a Walking Meeting Physical activity builds … Read more

Accel Launches $650m Fund Targeting Early Stage India And South-East Asia

Accel is to invest $650m in growing Indian and South-East businesses, through its largest ever fund launch in the region. The global venture capital firm is today unveiling its seventh specialist venture fund in the region – and its largest to date – some 16 years after its first fund raised $10m. Accel’s latest venture … Read more