How Small Businesses Can Overcome the Omicron Era

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. For small businesses, the rough news surrounding Omicron cases is hard to hear considering the hardships they have been dealing with for the past two years. While some small businesses received financial aid or PPP loans during the pandemic, many did not. This means the recent Omicron … Read more

9 Sales Presentation Tips that will Close More Deals

You’ve worked hard at prospecting strong potential customers. You have created touch-points through email marketing and targeted calls, and now you have successfully set up a presentation with an important client. You feel confident that your product quality and personal sales techniques will shine. But closing a deal requires more than a good product and … Read more

3 Hedge Fund Favorite Stocks to Buy Now

These Hedge Fund Favorites Could Be Great Long-Term Plays Although investors should never blindly follow the market moves of a hedge fund, there’s something intriguing about checking out the moves that “smart money” is making each quarter. This is especially true in 2022, as market volatility and complex macroeconomic factors are playing a big role … Read more

How to make your social media employer-friendly

When you manage your social media profiles, keep your audience in mind. Format your accounts with the mindset that the content you post is public. Depending on the platform, you might have to take extra measures into consideration when creating content and reviewing what should stay and what should go. In years past, job searching … Read more

3 Growth Stocks to Adopt Right Now  

Think of investing as growth stocks as adopting a pet from an animal shelter because they’re great to keep forever. Growth stocks usually perform better when interest rates fall and company earnings go up. They tend to dip when the economy isn’t doing super well. Does that sound familiar in this less-than-stellar economic environment? … Read more

Uganda in the spotlight as country’s startups captivate YC, Google – TechCrunch

The startup ecosystem in Africa has until now been dominated by Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Egypt (‘the Big 4’), countries that continue to receive the bulk of venture capital and other forms of investment. However, the situation seems to be slowly changing as noteworthy startups begin to rise from other countries within the continent, … Read more