Why Risk-Taking Is The Biggest Influencer Of Business Growth

Turning a small project into a big business requires risk-taking. Here’s why. getty Risk and return are inversely correlated. When talking about investments, on one end of the scale you have investment funds whose main goal is to preserve wealth. They take on as little risk as possible by building a well-balanced asset portfolio that … Read more

A Digital Guide for Young Entrepreneurs

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. When I started exploring the internet, I experienced how it provides a vast content network. I decided to use it in the most promising way. Learning new skills, generating networks, and other essential things accompanied my growth. I founded my company, InstaEASY, in 2018, with just two … Read more

10 Simple Ways To Automate Your Sales Process For Short- And Long-Term Improvements

Getting customers through the sales funnel can sometimes be an arduous task. It can also be difficult to juggle multiple prospects at different stages of the funnel, which is why it’s important to automate what you can. Automating your sales process doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, either. Installing chatbots on your website to … Read more

Where Apple, Twitter and Other Major U.S. Companies Stand With Russia

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has had a number of economic repercussions as countries around the world, including the US, employs sanctions against Russia. Bloomberg | Getty Images Several US companies are also cutting ties with the Russian government, making it publicly clear where they stand on the conflict. Related: Bitcoin Plummets Below $40,000 … Read more

How IoT Applications and Facility Automation Solutions is Changing the Sports World

The more IoT and facility automation technologies improve, the more they help optimize athlete and fan experiences You’ve probably already heard of the different ways that building automation systems improve large-scale commercial buildings via IoT and other smart technologies. But, did you know that these applications are already being widely used to optimize the sports … Read more

Accel Launches $650m Fund Targeting Early Stage India And South-East Asia

Accel is to invest $650m in growing Indian and South-East businesses, through its largest ever fund launch in the region. The global venture capital firm is today unveiling its seventh specialist venture fund in the region – and its largest to date – some 16 years after its first fund raised $10m. Accel’s latest venture … Read more

Q&A With Julia Weikel on Professionals’ Personal Brand Identity

Professionals who actively work on their personal brand can curate their digital identity, showcase what matters to them, connect with like-minded professionals, discover new career opportunities, and more. Everyone has a personal brand, regardless of whether it’s intentional. Even the absence of a digital presence, or an abandoned one, will make an impression on people … Read more