HypePlanner Reviews 2022 & User Ratings *WARNING*

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HypePlanner Reviews 2022

There are quite a few ways to grow your Instagram account right now – but you don’t want to know about all of them.

Why wouldn’t you want to know about all the possible ways that you can get help with your Instagram growth? Because not all of them are going to actually help you.

While there are a lot of companies out there that can make a true difference to your growth, there are also companies that want to make a quick profit, and their clients suffer as a result.

There are scams out there you need to avoid – but how do you know where they are? By reviewing them.

Let’s review one in particular, and decide whether they’re worth your time or not.

HypePlanner Review

HypePlanner is a company that promises its clients incredibly fast Instagram growth. They claim to be able to grow their client’s accounts effortlessly, and they claim to be able to bring thousands of new followers to each account.

Of course, there is a risk that they’re a bot.

What is HypePlanner?

HypePlanner is a company that says they can help get their clients more followers on Instagram through their features and services.

They say that once you’ve told them what kind of audience you’re looking at, they can target the right people for you.

Beyond this, they claim to work with an entire team of people that help their clients each and every day, which means that a lot of their features are done manually – allegedly.

They also claim to offer great customer support that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, as well as real customers, fans, and followers that can help you stand out and be seen.

When we visited their website, we realized that they are claiming a lot of things that we don’t think are true – we think that they are scamming their clients.

Let’s give Hypeplanner a review and see what they’re all about.

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What About Their Team?


One of the most important things when reviewing companies like this is to make sure that they have a good team behind the features.

A good team behind the features means that they are dedicated to their craft and they want to prove to their clients that they have some of the best features that your money can buy.

We don’t think that HypePlanner has a reasonable amount of information on their website about the people behind their features.

This clearly shows that they only care about making a profit, and not a lot else.

HypePlanner’s Features

HypePlanner claim to be able to help their clients get real Instagram followers, and they say that they can guarantee a specific number – between 500 and 150,000. This is a wide margin, and we imagine that you pay more for those higher numbers.

However, we don’t really like this, because it means that they can guarantee a specific amount of engagement – ​​not something that a company that provides authentic engagement is going to be able to do.

They also claim to be 100% compliant and safe, which can be easily contested considering they are offering a set amount of engagement.

They are based in LA, and they also claim to have good customer support in the form of a chat box, but we imagine that this is another hype — they probably don’t have any kind of customer support at all.

A Review of HypePlanner


Secure Site

We are pleased to note that HypePlanner has secured its website with https. This means that when you share information on their site that is sensitive and you don’t want to get hacked, you don’t have to worry because it’s encrypted.

It also means that it’s easier for clients to find them when they search for them because they’ll rank better on Google.

Visible Pricing

HypePlanner Pricing

We do think that HypePlanner has prices that you can see, but what’s strange about this is that they only seem to show one. This means that you only get to choose from one package, which might not fall into everyone’s budget.

The one package is $149 a month, which we think is a little pricey. We think that as well as being a scam, they are ripping off their clients.


FAQ and Help Page

This is another feature that HypePlanner has included on their homepage, which we are pretty let down about – we would rather them put it somewhere else on their website so that their homepage isn’t too crowded.

We also have to say that it is not at all extensive, and isn’t going to be able to answer any questions that you may have.

Customer Support

HypePlanner continues to talk about its customer support, and how you can access it around the clock. Of course, if this is true, it’s definitely a bonus, because there aren’t that many companies that can offer constant support. We are sad to say at this point that it isn’t true.

Real Reviews

If you take a look a little bit further down their homepage, you’ll see that they do have some reviews on their website – and they aren’t real. In fact, all of the reviews about their services on Trustpilot are fake, so you can’t trust them.

Email and Phone Form

HypePlanner hasn’t managed to include an email and phone form on their website so that they can stay accountable to their clients. This is obviously disappointing, but not surprising.

HypePlanner User Reviews

Here are some reviews we found for HypePlanner on Trustpilot. There is also a user reviews section at the end of this article for you to check out.

HypePlanner Trustpilot

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Is HypePlanner Safe to Use? Is It a Scam?

So, this is a bit of an easy one, because, by all accounts, including the positives above that you’ve read already, HypePlanner is looking pretty good – except that they’re not.

They’re just another bot, which will only be able to give you the kind of engagement you can get anywhere.

We don’t think that they’re special enough to stand out. We also think that their one price point is pretty expensive, which isn’t going to suit everyone.

All in all, HypePlanner is a scam that isn’t worth your time – stay away at all costs.

Review Summary


HypePlanner is a company that promises its clients incredibly fast Instagram growth. They claim to be able to grow their client’s accounts effortlessly, and they claim to be able to bring thousands of new followers to each account. Of course, there is a risk that they’re a bot.


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