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Likigram Reviews 2022

If you are someone who is wondering why Instagram has gotten a lot harder to conquer lately, then don’t worry, you are not the only one. The thing about Instagram is that it is constantly updating and changing its algorithm, and if you are not keeping up with this, then you are going to quickly fall down the priority list, and Instagram isn’t going to promote your content to others.

Of course, this will be a source of frustration if you feel like you do everything you can grow your Instagram profile, but the good news is that there is a solution to get around this.

A great way to conquer the Instagram algorithm is to outsource your engagement strategy to a company who can help you with it. Let’s review one and determine whether they are worth your money and time or not.

Likegram Review

Likigram talks about how they can help their clients get real Instagram followers, likes, and views, and while this is all very well, we have a sneaking suspicion that they are selling their fake clients engagement. Fake engagement is going to get you in trouble.

What is Likigram?

Likigram IG Followers

Likigram is a pretty straightforward company that doesn’t mince its words on its website. They state from the very beginning that they can help their clients get real Instagram followers, views, and likes and they also say that they can help you grow your account quickly.

Yes, if you are brand new to the social media marketing industry, you could be tempted to try a company like this, but based on our experience with companies like this, we have to say that there is a really high chance that they are a scam.

There is a very high chance that they are selling their clients fake engagement, which isn’t actually going to help your cause. They discuss how their pricing starts at $1.90, and you can even try their services out for free before you register for anything through their free trial.

Again, there is not enough evidence on their website to make us believe that these guys are legit, so at best, we suggest you proceed with caution. Let’s give them a review.

A Review of Likigram


  • Secure Site: Likigram has managed to cover one of the most basic forms of security on their website, which is encrypting it with HTTPS. You might think that this means a lot, but it actually doesn’t because all it means is that they get to rank better on Google, so it is easier for potential clients to find them. It also means that you can safely share personal information through their site, as each of their web pages will be encrypted. However, this doesn’t relate to their level of credibility, so let’s carry on with looking at their features.
  • Visible Pricing: Likigram does feature their price points on their website, but we think that they are all over the place, too cheap, and featured on their home page. Featuring price points on your home page is a sign of laziness, and we are concerned that these guys are giving their engagement away for prices that are too low. What this typically means is that they haven’t put any time and effort into the quality of their features, and they are literally just trying to get them out the door.


  • FAQ Page: Likigram does have a blog that you can go to, we’re guessing to read more about the social media marketing industry in general, as well as how to grow your Instagram account. However, they don’t have a specific FAQ section, which is somewhat concerning. If you are a brand-new client, then you will want to know as much about the company you plan on working with as possible, and if you can’t find this information out, then you’ll probably be wondering what kind of catches There are that you will have to deal with in the future.
  • Real Reviews: Likigram has also failed to put any legitimate reviews on their website. Again, they spend so much time on their home page talking up their features and promising all these things that they can’t follow through on, that they have forgotten that if they want to at least appear legit, they’ve got to find people to write positive things about their services. There are a lot of scams out there that will pay people to write positive things, but in this case, they haven’t even gone this far. They simply don’t have reviews, which of course is going to be considered a red flag.
  • Payment is Secure: Likigram isn’t afraid to show you a list of payment methods that you can pay for their features through, but honestly, we don’t think that they have done enough to encrypt their actual payment gateway. Their payment gateway is the system that they process their clients’ payments through, which will cover a couple of web pages. Of course, if you are running an ongoing service online, then you will need this level of security in order to assure your clients that they can safely pay without worrying about personal information getting stolen.

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Is Likigram Safe to Use? Is it a Scam?

Likigram is a pretty easy site to review, because it is really obvious that they are just a scam. They are only trying to sell their clients fake engagement that are ultimately going to get your Instagram account in trouble with Instagram itself, and violate Instagram’s terms and conditions.

Yes, a lot of us would love to see overnight success on our profiles, but this isn’t the way to sustainably grow an account for a long time. Companies like this will just throw any kind of engagement at their clients, no matter the quality.

So, if you care about quality over quantity, then we suggest that you continue on your hunt for a good website to outsource your engagement strategy to.

Review Summary


Likigram talks about how they can help their clients get real Instagram followers, likes, and views, and while this is all very well, we have a sneaking suspicion that they are selling their fake clients engagement. Fake engagement is going to get you in trouble.

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