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NinjaGram Reviews 2022

Being able to grow your Instagram profile to a point where you can make money from it is a dream come true, right?

Well, the problem is that it is many other people’s dreams come true as well.

In fact, there are now millions of Instagram users out there trying to monetize their Instagram profile, and whether they are an aspiring Instagram influencer or a brand that is hoping to get their name out there, you’ve got more than enough competition in all kinds of different industries.

Even if you fall into a relatively obscure industry, you’re going to come across people who you can consider your rivals.

This is why lots of people choose these days to outsource their social media marketing campaign to a company that allegedly knows what they’re doing.

Let’s review NinjaGram.

NinjaGram Review

NinjaGram believes that they are an automated piece of software that can help you easily grow Instagram, and grow quickly. They say they can help you automatically follow other people, and automatically unfollow other people.

We think they are a typical bot that can ruin your account.

What is NinjaGram?

NinjaGram is a piece of automated software that is nothing more than a dangerous bot.

Bots, when it comes to Instagram, are not growing well, because they carry a stigma around with them, and despite the fact that the social media marketing industry has been in leaps and bounds lately, not enough has been done about bots to make them legit or credible.

The vast majority of Instagram bots out there work by going outside of Instagram’s daily limits, and as soon as Instagram recognizes that you are using one, they will suspend or ban your profile.

These guys have all the characteristics of a bot.

They can automatically comment, like, automatically view Instagram stories and they can also help you with multiple accounts at the same time.

All of this indicates to us that they are using a bot to make their life easier but trust us when we say that it’s not going to make your life easier.

A Review of NinjaGram


  • Secure Site: NinjaGram has made sure to secure their website with HTTPS, but we believe that this is as far as their security goes. This also isn’t even an impressive level of security, because it is super basic. All it means is that you can safely go on their website, without worrying about hackers getting through the firewall. Everything about your personal information is encrypted, but this doesn’t mean that they have a good level of accountability with their clients, and it doesn’t mean that they aren’t offering you the kind of features that are going to get you restricted or banned.
  • FAQ Page: Ninja Gram does appear to have an FAQ section, and we are pleased to say that it is featured on another web page. We don’t love it when companies simply slap a few questions on their homepage because we think it is lazy. However, we think that their FAQ section is lacking a little bit, and could be improved on, so that you can make an informed decision about whether to work with them or not.


  • Visible Pricing: NinjaGram doesn’t have any visible pricing to speak of, despite the fact that we did an in-depth search of their website. We made sure to go through and find where all their features were on their website, and while we are pleased to say that they have put them on a different web page, there is no sign of any pricing. This is concerning, because it puts the power in their hands, and it means that they can charge whatever they want once you have registered for their services. We don’t suggest that you opt for a company that can’t be upfront and honest about their pricing.
  • Real Reviews: NinjaGram could claim that they are brand-new to this industry, therefore they haven’t had the time to ask for positive feedback from existing clients, but we’re willing to bet that the reason that they don’t have any real positive reviews to feature on their website is because they don’t have any clients that are happy with their features. This is definitely the most common scenario, and it is obviously a big red flag. Services that have a good reputation won’t have any issues finding people to say good things about their services, so be wary of companies like this that can’t provide real reviews to potential clients.
  • Accountability Form: Ninja Gram doesn’t appear to have an incredibly high level of accountability with their existing clients, which is one of the biggest reasons they haven’t included an why form. An accountability form is a form that you will fill out in the beginning when you first register for their features, and this will include your personal information like your email address, and phone number. While you might not be comfortable sharing personal information like this, in the long run it is going to benefit you because it means that they will be able to easily communicate with you about any updates or changes to their services.

Top NinjaGram Alternatives

Is NinjaGram Safe to Use? Is it a Scam?

NinjaGram is not the kind of company that we would recommend that you use, simply because they are an Instagram bot, that is most definitely going against Instagram’s terms and conditions.

Not to mention the fact that they haven’t been in this industry long enough to develop a good reputation, but we have a feeling that they won’t ever end up developing this reputation. They only care about making a profit and getting their product off the shelf as quickly as possible.

There is no incentive here for them to stay accountable with their clients, and there is no incentive for them to foster a sustainable service for you to use for your Instagram profile for a long time.

Avoid NinjaGram.

Review Summary

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NinjaGram believes that they are an automated piece of software that can help you easily grow Instagram, and grow quickly. They say they can help you automatically follow other people, and automatically unfollow other people. We think they are a typical bot that can ruin your account.


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