What Skills Does Elon Musk Have and Why Is He So Successful?

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. We can rattle off Elon Musk‘s accomplishments in our sleep: co-founder of monetary giant PayPal; founder of Tesla Motors, the electric car company that is changing the world; and founder of Space Xwhich is focused on space exploration and space travel, and has even sent NASA to … Read more

5 Things You Don’t Know About Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk‘s life story reads like a sci-fi action thriller, only with a rocky, awkward beginning and a few false starts along the way. Reuters | Rebecca CookElon Musk He coded his first computer game when he was 12 – a space-themed quest, no surprise. He couch-surfed broke and without a home as … Read more

Elon Musk has Highest CEO Compensation Package Ever, See 12 Facts About the CEO pining for Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk made waves in April 2022 when he announced his plans to buy social media platform Twitter in the name of free speech. Offering the social media company a whopping $44billion in cash for the Twitter buyout, the Twitter board has been forced to take the offer seriously. When and if the … Read more

Is Now the Time for Elon Musk to Launch His Own Social Media Platform?

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. About a year or so ago, I started to sense that Elon Musk was thinking about launching a social media platform. Then the signs started to become more frequent, and finally last weekend, he announced that he is, in fact, strongly considering it. And I couldn’t think … Read more

Where Apple, Twitter and Other Major U.S. Companies Stand With Russia

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has had a number of economic repercussions as countries around the world, including the US, employs sanctions against Russia. Bloomberg | Getty Images Several US companies are also cutting ties with the Russian government, making it publicly clear where they stand on the conflict. Related: Bitcoin Plummets Below $40,000 … Read more

Elon Musk’s Neurotech Company Responds to Allegations of Animal Abuse

Neuralink, a neurotechnology company funded by Elon Musk that is developing implantable chips designed to connect the human brain to artificial intelligence via computers, is facing serious allegations of animal abuse. The abuse reportedly happened while Neuralink was testing the devices on monkeys. JIM WATSON | Getty Images The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine filed … Read more