Be The CEO of Your Own Life With These Hacks

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Does life feel like something happening to you instead of for you? Are you under pressure to live the perfect life yet feel like a failure? It might help to think of yourself as the CEO of “You, Inc.” As the decision-maker, you hold the keys to … Read more

How To Monetize Your Podcast: 6 Proven Methods

The number of podcasts out there has exploded in the last few years. In 2020 there were 700,000 podcasts but as of June 2022 there are 2.4 million podcasts with over 66 million episodes between them. The growth of podcasting is set to continue. According to DemandSage, there will be 424 million podcast listeners by … Read more

5 Gamechanging Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Insights For Entrepreneurs

If you’re running a business that has a website, you need analytics. Knowing how people are finding and engaging with your website is golden information that you can build on. Understanding which pages resonate the most and the least with your target audience and finding new pockets of potential customers can scale a business far … Read more

What Makes a Leader Effective?

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Think of great business leadersand Henry FordMadame CJ Walker, Andrew CarnegieEstée Lauder and Steve Jobs may come to mind. Regardless of when they rose to prominence, all were not only effective leaders but visionaries and disruptors whose innovative ideas took their companies to new levels and defined … Read more

3 Money Mindsets That Are Stopping Your Success

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In this article, we’ll discuss money mindset blocks and how they keep you from expanding your business and living abundantly. It’s easy to put all of your focus on the number in the bank when thinking about living life more abundantly. That is, after all, most people’s … Read more

When All Else Fails, Pivot To Profits

getty What happens when you run out of your top-selling product? On September 18th, 1885, Charles and Frank Menches faced this very question. Hiram Hopkins and the rest of the Erie County Agricultural Society’s Board of Directors had agreed to allow the Ohio brothers to run a food concession stand at its annual Erie County … Read more

How to Conquer Imposter Syndrome as an Entrepreneur

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. We’ve all heard plenty of stories of people pulling off incredible feats Such as getting a job requiring top expertise despite not having the credentials, scammers getting top dollar investments in mere seconds of presentations or undeserving people succeeding in life when others were more qualified than … Read more

5 Ways to Succeed in a Competitive Environment

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Globalizationdigital disruption and the exponential pace of technology-led innovation have made competition fiercer in every sector. The global English as a Second Language sector offers prime examples, where technology-led disruption has become the new normal after the accelerated digital adoption. Developments in education technology are helping service … Read more

Why Failure is Your Teacher

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Mistakes are the portals of discovery. -James Joyce The most successful people in history often have controversial backgrounds laden with grevous mistakesfrom Abe Lincoln and his early-career fiery temperament that landed him in what could’ve been a life-ending duel to Oprah Winfrey, who was fired as a … Read more

5 Lessons on Success From Magic Johnson

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. My friend Joel Marion, founder of BioTrust Nutrition business, launched a new program, $100 Million Mastermind Experiencewhere he brings together entrepreneurs and influencers who’ve generated 100 million dollars, views or followers to teach members of the group the “insider secrets” they need to rapidly scale their business. … Read more